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Happy Kids Songs are Easy to Learn and Fun to Use

Parents and children dancing together in a bright room

These songs tap into the most common issues confronting kids ages 3-9.

Thousands of parents worldwide have loved how fun and helpful Happy Kids Songs are— highly entertaining, adult quality music with words and themes that tap into the most common issues confronting kids ages 3-9.

The variety of adult and child soloists, children’s chorus, and wide range of instruments and styles of music easily hold children’s attention—and big kids too.

“This music is so inviting and upbeat, kids may not notice it’s teaching them a thing or two about sharing and kindness as they bop to the beats.”

–Parenting Magazine

“I highly recommend this creative and entertaining way to give children life-long tools for getting along! Fabulous full-production music for the souls of children and families.”

–Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

Parents and kids can grow and learn together.

Research on Happy Kids Songs has shown that parents welcome the opportunity to discuss the topics found in these songs. Parents and their kids can grow and learn together about the building blocks of healthy relationships and strong, loving families.

Here are some guidelines for using the songs:

  1. Ask kids if they can identify the various instruments. 
  2. Let loose and dance around the living room.
  3. Play them prior to family meetings—a fun way to learn and talk together about what’s important living together as a family.
  4. Offer your child headphones to immerse themselves into the sea of sound. 
  5. Crank up the tunes and sing together in the car.

“I love your songs so much that I drop the kids off at school and turn it on full blast and sing and sing and sing…”

–Lynn Kelly, Washington, D.C.

“..…a wonderful, beautifully produced project. We’re impressed with the excellent kid singers, arrangements, songs and production. You’ve done that VERY challenging thing of giving positive messages in a non-preachy way and we know that’s no easy job.”

–Cathy Fink, Children’s Music Grammy winner

Music Lights Up Over A Dozen Areas In The Brain

These songs are an effective, almost magical medium for building character, social and emotional skills—a fun way to “make the medicine go down.” Most of us still remember the words to songs from our childhood. Don’t you still sing the ABC song in your head when you’re trying to remember alphabetical order? This is the magic of music. It reinforces concepts across multiple intelligences. 

“We received Dr. Mac’s songs as a gift for our son who has almost every CD made for his age group on the market. Without a doubt, this is his favorite! The lyrics in these songs stand out in a way that’s obvious, as they talk directly to kids about behavior, communication, and other issues or problems that they are experiencing every day. In a joyful and magical way they invite kids to participate in their own solutions.”

–Michael McDonald, singer/songwriter

Music for kids can also be an effective means of teaching character.

Why not have fun, positive songs for kids that are also really educational? A number of Happy Kids Songs focus on helping kids with kindness, manners and how to be more respectful.

Children learn in their families, in one way or the other, for better or worse, about things such as the purpose of life, the reason for suffering, and what it is to be a good person. Character education occurs whether or not such things are ever discussed directly in the household.

“It was a painless and fun way to introduce different concepts of good manners and character to my kids. We loved these songs and the messages they conveyed!”

–Lextinacademy blogspot

“The happy, cheerful music that is full of quality sounds is paired with lyrics that strengthen character without talking down to the girls. Happy Kids Songs makes for a happy mama, too!”


Here’s another great option to enhance learning:

Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social, and Emotional Skills

This 125-page activity book includes lyrics, coloring and activity pages for kids, as well as more than a hundred lessons for you to share with your children.  Click here to see the book description and sample pages.

An excellent way to have fun at home and further enhance learning, this workbook has 3-5 additional activities for 40 of the Happy Kids Songs. Includes a number of themes, with 8 ½ x 11″ reproducible master copies of the kids’ activity pages (so you won’t have to download them.)

Activities include arts and crafts, movement, drama, and games and are provided across the span of ages 3-9. Some are more appropriate for younger children, and some for older. Some might involve siblings or other kids, and others are more individually focused. You’ll be able to adapt them to age as needed, using the ideas as springboards for discussion.

“This one wins our approval, hands down! We loved doing this review. Dr. Mac and the other singers have a wonderful way of communicating through music that is upbeat, inspiring, and very catchy.”

–Education Clearinghouse Product Review