Children’s songs that build character, social, and emotional skills.

Happy Kids Songs

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Help your kids get the most out of life with these building blocks to happiness and success.

Listening to music and singing these age-appropriate songs is a fun-filled and effective way to help kids feel good and get along with others.

Produced by child psychologist and award-winning songwriter, Dr. Mac (aka Don MacMannis, Ph.D.)

Created especially for children with words and themes they can really relate to.

Dr. Mac is a child psychologist, author, school consultant, lecturer, award-winning songwriter and director of music for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

For Parents & Teachers

Here’s how parents and teachers can combat overwhelm. With these songs, they’re teaching kids to be respectful, get along with friends and siblings, learn positive thinking, and practice manners and character values.
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Using the Songs

Happy Kids Songs are fun, positive learning tools for both school and home. See our suggestions for lots of fun activities kids enjoy, and more than a hundred lessons for parents and teachers to share with their children in our activity book.
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Hundreds of studies point to the importance of children’s social and emotional skills. Kids today experience levels of stress like never before and are forming new connections in their rapidly growing brains. Our songs help children to learn in a positive and meaningful way.
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The Magic of Music

Join the thousands of parents and teachers worldwide who have experienced first-hand how these upbeat songs can help kids find keys to happiness and success.

Happy Kids Song Themes
Ideal for Kids Ages 3 to 9

  • Friends & Sharing
  • Social Skills & Bullying
  • Talking & Listening
  • Feelings & Fears
  • Manner & Character
  • Gratitude & Kindness
  • Positive Thinking
  • Hopes & Dreams
  • Greatest Hits Ages 3 to 5

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