How’s Your Family Really Doing?

10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family

Book Cover "How's Your Family Really Doing?"

Critically Acclaimed Co-Authors

Don MacMannis, Ph.D. and Debra Manchester MacMannis, M.S.W.

Don and his wife Debra are a team both at home and at the office serving as directors of the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara, California, a nonprofit organization. In this capacity they oversee the clinical work of fifteen therapists providing help to hundreds of clients each year.

In 2009, Don won the title of “Best Family Therapist” in a poll taken by

In 2010, Debra was honored with an Award for Service to the Community by local therapists and the Mayor of Santa Barbara “for 30 years of inspiration, leadership, and training provided to thousands of clinicians, and the devotion exemplified inconsistent visionary work for the community.”

Two Award-Winning Books About Families

Together, Don and Debra are also authors or co-authors of numerous articles on parenting and clinical issues.

The Essential Keys to Family Success

How’s Your Family Really Doing? 10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family weaves together contributions from psychology, neurobiology, systems theory and spirituality, it also draws from extensive new brain research to highlight 10 essential keys that define successful families.

This book can help you to:

  • Learn about healthy families and ways to bring out the best in one other.
  • Identify family strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Facilitate conversations about desired changes.
  • Create a working set of goals to focus efforts at improvement.
  • Find specific ways to strengthen skills for each of the 10 Keys.
  • Examine the similarities and differences between your family of origin and current family.

Acclaim for How is Your Family Really Doing?

Dr Mac and Debra Manchester“…an ingenious and original idea immediately accessible to parents and professionals alike. Debra and Don have spent enormous time and effort to separate myth from fact.”

–Ron Taffel, Ph.D. Author of Childhood Unbound and Breaking Through to Teens

“Excellent, informative, helpful, and well written.”

–Robert Brooks, Ph.D. Co-author of Raising Resilient Children

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