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How to use this Inviting and Upbeat Music

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Teachers can help kids with challenges related to character, social and emotional intelligence.

Teachers are often overwhelmed with challenges related to character, social and emotional intelligence: helping kids learn to be more respectful, stay on task,  get along with peers, learn positive thinking, and practice manners. Now there’s an engaging way to do just that. A wonderful companion and complement to SEL programs, this music has to be heard to be appreciated and understood!

“This one wins our approval, hands down! We loved doing this review. Dr. Mac and the other singers have a wonderful way of communicating through music that is upbeat, inspiring, and very catchy.”

–Education Clearinghouse Product Review

“I listened to your songs with my grandchildren, and we loved them…”

–Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. author, Emotional Intelligence

“I have your materials available for my team consulting with schools. There is nothing better as far as I am concerned. Thanks, and keep up the marvelous, inspiring work!!”

–Maurice Elias, Ph.D., author, Educator’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement

Provide students with the ability to get along.

Hundreds of studies show that providing students with the ability to get along helps with  academics—allowing you to do your best teaching. Happy kids learn better!

Here are Some Suggestions for Using the Songs

  1. Play the songs at quiet or less structured times during the day, such as when students arrive or during art classes. 
  2. Many teachers like to “seed” the songs first in this way, later focusing on the lyrics, meanings and applications to the kids’ lives.
  3. As you listen to the songs you will see that they can be easily integrated into many areas of your curriculum. 
  4. Use the songs as part of your music lessons, perhaps choosing a theme of the week to focus on the word and meanings.

“A highly produced performance with an abundance of sweet, life-affirming lessons wrapped in audio candy for the ears.”

–Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

Join Thousands of Parents and Teachers Worldwide

Thousands of parents and teachers worldwide have loved how fun and helpful Happy Kids Songs are— highly entertaining, adult quality music with words and themes that tap into the most common issues confronting kids ages 3-9.

The variety of adult and child soloists, children’s chorus, and wide range of instruments and styles of music easily hold children’s attention—and big kids too.

“We received Dr. Mac’s songs as a gift for our son who has almost every CD made for his age group on the market. Without a doubt, this is his favorite! The lyrics in these songs stand out in a way that’s obvious, as they talk directly to kids about behavior, communication, and other issues or problems that they are experiencing every day. In a joyful and magical way they invite kids to participate in their own solutions.”

Michael McDonald, singer/songwriter

“This one wins our approval, hands down! We loved doing this review. Dr. Mac has a wonderful way of communicating through music and has a voice that is so easy to listen to, combined with music that is upbeat, inspiring, and very catchy.”

Education Clearinghouse Product Review

“A highly produced performance with an abundance of sweet, life-affirming lessons wrapped in audio candy for the ears.”

Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

“Thank you for your songs. I listened to all of them and thought they were exceptionally well done. Two of the songs would be quite appropriate for some of my workshops, and I will use them with your kind permission.”

–Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Founder, Rational-Emotive Therapy

“A must-have for elementary school guidance counselors.”

–School Library Journal

“Thank you for the wonderful music! My son loves it and so do I. You have tremendous talent and I wish you continued success.”

–Kathy Ireland, Actress

“I highly recommend these songs and activities… not only for parents to use with their children, but for psychotherapists as well. I found that children responded enthusiastically to the songs, and we were able to talk about deeper feelings in ways that had not been possible previously. He is an incredible performer and the songs grew in dimension for me through his personable, delightful presentation.”

Violet Oaklander, Ph.D., Author, Windows To Our Children

“.…a wonderful, beautifully produced project. We’re impressed with the excellent kid singers, arrangements, songs and production. You’ve done that VERY challenging thing of giving positive messages in a non-preachy way and we know that’s no easy job.”

–Cathy Fink, 2003 & 2004 Children’s Music Grammy winner

“Dr. Mac’s humorous, musical approach to kids’ everyday interests, fears and challenges make him a welcome addition to any family music collection.”

–Pamela Benjamin, reviewer

“I can’t believe it! My kids are so in love with your CD that they have fits if we drive off to school without it. Your songs are so great, and it’s really the first kids’ songs that my husband likes too. Please keep it coming!”

–Katie DeLong, mother of girls 7 and 10

 “Dr. Mac’s voice is like Paul McCartney- sweet and melodic. We loved him in concert!”

–Karen Powell, Bethesda, Md.

“I am writing to tell you what a tremendous response I have had to your songs. I have used it as background music in my Children’s Ballet Classes. The dinosaur song is a real hit with the 3-5 year olds, and “Bad Thoughts” and several others have got the 6-8 year old group thinking and reciting back the lyrics. I am so pleased to have a children’s music that’s fun and has an educational message. You have a very special gift!”

–Valerie Roxburgh, teacher