The Singers

Here are some of the fabulous Santa Barbara superstar singers!

The kids with Dr. Mac and musician Craig Dobbins

Lois Mahalia

Lois MahaliaSanta Barbara is blessed to be the home of Lois Mahalia, an outstanding vocalist who has contributed to dozens of Happy Kids Songs. A highly talented singer with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, she’s performed across the U.S.

She’s recorded with Kenny Loggins, recently finished two tours in Italy with former Eagle’s star, Joe Walsh, and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America, and Crossroads on the Country Music Channel.

Other adult singers include:

Dr. Mac, Katie Fritzke, Eje Lynn-Jacobs, Christopher Cross, Red Steagall, Kirstin Candy, Michelle Lawyer, Sean MacMannis, Kathryn Ish, Leslie Lembo, Sean Thies, Randy Crenshaw, Brian Mann, and Kirk Taylor.

The kids and Dr. Mac

Some of the kids and Dr. Mac

Child singers throughout the years:

Sienna Shalhoub, Samara Shalhoub, Taylor Lott, Marin Cobell, Eden Cobell, Evie Byrne, Tessa Miller, Bridget Devine, Katie Caballero, Sienna Shalhour, Avery Sorenson, Lucas Meisel, Chloe Merrick, Larissa Mehlig, Ben Bishop, Katy Caballero, Savannah Fleming, Isael Negrete, Emma Steinkellner, Olivia Fanaro, Allison Lewis, Sam Kulchin, Briggs Boss, Anya Ruskin, Claudia Fanaro, Christian Hirsch, Patricia Westley, Addison Mills, Nya Burke, Alexandra Varner, Aaron Linker, Kelly Adams, Carlin Traxler, Kelci Hahn, Patrick McKenzie, Jeffrey Bell, Feliz Morelli, Elliot Crowe, Megan Unterman, Kendra Douglas, Sean MacMannis, Cree MacMannis, Ashley Morrison, Noah Gaines, Dan Silver, Ian Unterman, Matt Helman, Chloe Merrick, Tessa Miller, Christopher Cassriel, Ben Bishop, Isael Negrete, Dana Halverson, Bella Sanford, Cole Evers, Holly Hadsall, Natalie Hawkins, Jason Gonzalez, and Gabe Reali.