Musical NoteKeys to Happiness and Success
Through the Magic of Music

8 Award-Winning Albums— each with 5 Songs

Join the thousands of parents and teachers worldwide who have discovered these kids songs– a fun and effective way to boost character, social and emotional skills.


1. Friends

Vol. 1 topics:

• Shyness
• Reaching out
• How to blend in
• Not being bossy
• Dealing with goodbyes

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Happy Kids Songs Friends & Sharing

2. Social Skills

Vol. 2 topics:

• Dealing with bullies
• Sibling rivalry
• Including others
• Honoring differences
• Sharing parent attention

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Happy Kids Songs Social Skills & Bullying

3. Feelings

Happy Kids Songs Feelings & Fears

Vol. 3 topics:

• Anxiety
• Meltdowns
• Facing fears
• Managing upsets
• Unwanted thoughts

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4. Practice

Happy Kids Songs Practice & Success

Vol. 4 topics:

• Reaching out
• Positive thinking
• Trying new things
• Adapting to change
• Learning from mistakes

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5. Talking

Happy Kids Songs Talking & Listening

Vol. 5 topics:

• Resolving conflict
• Being assertive
• Speaking nicely
• Tools for listening
• Talking feelings out

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6. Manners

Vol. 6 topics:

• Lying
• The Golden Rule
• Respect for others
• Accepting differences
• Rudeness and manners

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Happy Kids Songs Manners & Character

7. Happiness

Vol. 7 topics:

• Being thankful
• Positive thinking
• Paths to happiness
• Handling frustration
• Time together/time apart

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Happy Kids Songs Happiness & Attitude

8. Respect

Vol. 8 topics:

• Helping out
• Scapegoating
• Respect for others
• Acting responsibly
• Respect for possessions

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Happy Kids Songs Respect & Responsibility

I highly recommend this creative and entertaining way to give children life-long tools for getting along! Fabulous full-production music for the souls of children and families.  -Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

Research shows that Happy Kids Songs not only entertain, but also help kids learn important tools for living. There may be no more powerful method of learning than through music, and no more important lessons for children than those that focus on character and social and emotional skills.

No child can be happy all the time, but all kids can be happier with improved character, social & emotional skills.

Learn more about these kids songs by checking out the information we have for parents and teachers:

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Intro by Dr Mac

Happy Kids Songs provides quality music, kids songs that your children can really enjoy and also teaches them important lessons about life and getting along with others. Happy Kids Songs are professionally arranged and produced by a talented group of singers and musicians including Dr. Mac (a.k.a. Don MacMannis Ph.d., Clinical Director of the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara), Brian Mann and the Santa Barbara Superstars.
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  • The music is so inviting and upbeat, kids may not notice it’s teaching them a thing or two as they bop to the beats.


    - Parenting Magazine

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  • Dr. Mac is a child psychologist, school consultant, lecturer, award-winning songwriter, and writer and director of music for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

  • Happy Kids Songs

    For kids 4-8 years of age


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