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Information for TeachersThousands of teachers worldwide have learned how fun and helpful it can be to have Happy Kids Songs and activities in their classrooms. These full-production songs and activities are both highly entertaining and age appropriate—adult quality music, but with words and themes that kids can really relate to. The variety of adult and child soloists, children’s chorus, and wide range of instruments and styles of music easily hold children’s attention.

I have your materials available for my team consulting with schools. There is nothing better as far as I am concerned. Thanks, and keep up the marvelous, inspiring work!!!
–Maurice Elias, Ph.D., author, Educator’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement

I listened to your songs with my grandchildren, and we loved them…
-Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. author, Emotional Intelligence

Most of us remember the words to songs we heard as young children. Don’t you still sing the “ABC Song” in your head when you’re trying to remember alphabetical order? Music lights up over a dozen areas of our brain, including language, hearing and motor control centers. Cutting across a number of the “seven intelligences,” it helps to ground concepts in a unique and special way.

This one wins our approval, hands down! We loved doing this review. Dr. Mac has a wonderful way of communicating through music and has a voice that is so easy to listen to, combined with music that is upbeat, inspiring, and very catchy.
-Education Clearinghouse Product Review


There may be no more powerful method of learning than through music, and no more important lessons for children than those that focus on character and social and emotional skills.

This music has to be heard to be appreciated and understood. Children are more musically sophisticated than what we might think. They are attracted to the quality and rhythm of popular young adult music, which is often lyrically inappropriate for them. There is a big gap between Raffi and Rap, and we aim to fill it!

The music on this lively disk is so inviting and upbeat, kids may not notice its teaching them a thing or two about sharing and kindness as they bop to the beats.
-Parenting Magazine

Teachers are often overwhelmed with the problems that keep children from learning the academics, and many are in districts that mandate the teaching of character/values education. Now there is an engaging way to do just that. These songs and activities are fun, positive learning tools that support children’s social and emotional development. While enjoying the music and singing along, kids are learning to feel good about themselves and to get along with others.

I’m writing to let you know how wonderful your music is. I’ve circulated it through the primary grades and everyone loves it! It’s their favorite music! We have used “Together” as our ending of the day song in our classroom. What a beautiful way to let each child know they are special. Your love for children weaves in and out of each song and touches us all in a different way. Thanks for teaching us another way to look at our lives.
-Becky Rogers, First grade teacher


The Happy Kids Songs and activities are fun, positive learning tools for both classroom and home. One easy thing to do in the classroom is to play the songs at quiet or less-structured times throughout the day, such as when students arrive or during art classes. At home, listen to the CD while playing or while driving in your car—a fun way for kids and parents to learn the songs and talk together about what is important in living together as a family.

Research shows that “layering” concepts and related activities and experiences increases the likelihood that those concepts will become an integral part of who we are. Any time we integrate activities and concepts across the curriculum, there is a better chance of retaining, transferring, and understanding the information. Integrate the songs into your music curriculum, perhaps choosing a song of the week to learn the words and music. As you listen to the songs and review the related activities in this book, you will see that they can easily be integrated into many areas of your curriculum. For example, use the book suggestions with each song in language arts, use the song Diplodocus when studying about dinosaurs, and use all of the songs when teaching character traits in social studies.

I highly recommend this creative and entertaining way to give children life-long tools for getting along. Fabulous full-production music for the souls of children and families. -Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul®


The free printout of kids’ activities includes lyrics, coloring and other activity pages that help reinforce the key concepts in each song. You’ll be able to print them out, make copies and share with others. Here’s another great option.

Happy Kids Songs Workbook:
Hands-on Activities for Social, Emotional and Character Development

Kids EPs Workbook

This 125-page activity book includes lyrics, coloring and activity pages for kids, as well as more than a hundred lessons for parents to share with their children. Click here to see sample pages.

An excellent way to have fun at home and further enhance learning, this workbook has 3-5 additional activities for 40 of the songs. Includes all of the eight album themes, with 8 ½ x 11″ reproducible master copies of the kids’ activity pages (so you won’t have to download them.)

Activities include arts and crafts, movement, drama, and games and are provided across the span of ages 3-8. Some are more appropriate for younger children, and some for older. Some might involve siblings or other kids, and others are more individually focused. You’ll be able to adapt them to age as needed, using the ideas as springboards for discussion.

Some activities will require you to gather basic supplies. The materials suggested in most cases are readily available around school or home. In some cases you may know of a way to adapt the activity for use with other materials. A good practice is to always try the activity yourself before using it with children.

.…a wonderful, beautifully produced project. We’re impressed with the excellent kid singers, arrangements, songs and production. You’ve done that VERY challenging thing of giving positive messages in a non-preachy way and we know that’s no easy job.
–Cathy Fink, 2003 & 2004 Children’s Music Grammy winner

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    • The music is so inviting and upbeat, kids may not notice it’s teaching them a thing or two as they bop to the beats.


      - Parenting Magazine

    • I highly recommend this creative and entertaining way to give children life-long tools for getting along! Fabulous full-production music for the souls of children and families.


      - Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul ®


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