How’s Your Family Really Doing?: 10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family

book-how's your family really doing?Dr. Mac and his wife, Debra, are also co-authors of two award-winning books about families. How’s Your Family Really Doing? 10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family weaves together contributions from psychology, neurobiology, systems theory and spirituality, it also draws from extensive new brain research to highlight 10 essential keys that define successful families.

This book can help you to:

  • Learn about healthy families and ways to bring out the best in one other.
  • Identify family strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Facilitate conversations about desired changes.
  • Create a working set of goals to focus efforts at improvement.
  • Find specific ways to strengthen skills for each of the 10 Keys.
  • Examine the similarities and differences between your family of origin and current family.

“…an ingenious and original idea immediately accessible to parents and professionals alike.Debra and Don have spent enormous time and effort to separate myth from fact.”  -Ron Taffel, Ph.D. Author of Childhood Unbound and Breaking Through to Teens

“Excellent, informative, helpful, and well written.”   -Robert Brooks, Ph.D. Co-author of Raising Resilient Children

Who’s the Boss: The Win-Win Way to Parent Your Defiant, Strong-Willed Child

Who's the Boss-3DBook

    • Do you have to raise your voice, lecture or repeat yourself to get your child to behave?
    • Do your kids ignore normal, everyday requests when they just don’t feel like listening?
    • Do you want to avoid spanking and yelling but nothing else seems to work?
  • Would you like to learn ways of breaking these negative cycles and endless upsets?

In short, does it feel like you are no longer the parent in charge, the leader, the captain, the boss? Welcome to the club. Millions of parents are struggling with children that are defiant and strong-willed—kids who need to learn how to listen better.

Ideal for kids 3 to 10 years old, this book presents a concise and effective method to turn things around. Create an even closer relationship with your child and set limits in a way that helps the whole family.

The program outlined in this book is the result of over thirty-five years of study, teaching and clinical practice. Hundreds of families have successfully used the Win-Win Way to make a shift. Parents typically report a dramatic improvement in their children’s behavior after a few weeks time.

Even though you will benefit greatly as a parent, it won’t be at your kids’ expense. With this approach, your child can wind up being happier, more loving, have a higher self-esteem and feel less guilty and anxious. Best of all, you can have more fun together and resign, most of the time, from that role of “bad cop.”

Parents who read this book will feel as if Don and Debra are accurately and almost magically reading their and their children’s minds and hearts.  Their creative, and effective interventions flow naturally from this spot-on understanding of parents’ and children’s inner thoughts, feelings, wishes, and behavioral choices.  WHO’S THE BOSS? gives parents innovative tools for asserting control in the family and  raising happy, responsible, resilient, and compassionate children in this time of rapid technological and economic change.

-Richard Steinberg, Ph.D., Diplomate, Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology


I love this book! It’s filled with practical tools to help get my youngest’s behavior under control. It sets forth the principles with loads of examples to help you understand what’s going on between you and your child. My youngest actually goes to time out when I ask him to now! Amazing! I wouldn’t have believed it just a few days ago. Our relationship has improved and I feel more in control. Thank you for this book!

-Todd McIntyre


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