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Tragic Effects of Bullying When Bystanders Don’t “Stand Up”

Time Magazine reported yesterday that yet another victim of bullying has killed himself. Thirteen-year-old Daniel Fitzpatrick of Staten Island, New York committed suicide after making a number of futile attempts to get his school to protect him from constant bullying by classmates. His father wrote “No parent should have to bury their child. No child […]

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Social & Emotional Learning Improves Academics

Glance up to the upper left corner of this page and you’ll see a little orange balloon with some words that say: HAPPY KIDS LEARN BETTER! It may come as no surprise that this concept is so central a theme to my work and to this website. Happy Kids Songs and activities have been specifically designed for kids hearts and minds! […]

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Top 10 Tips for Going Back to School

Now that summer’s almost over, it’s time to close down the lemonade stands, start weaning away from the electronics and dust off the old backpacks. Did you know that twenty percent of American families move to a new home each year? Half of these moves happen during the summer. When you add to this the […]

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How to Bully-Proof Your Child

Bullying takes the fun out of school. As a child psychologist, I’ve seen the impact of bullying and teasing on hundreds of kids. One school contacted me this week about a kid who was drawing pictures of himself jumping off a cliff. He’d been the victim, for years, of being teased about his weight. Kids […]

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